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CID Security Alarm System

CID Security Alarm System
Product Detailed

Security Alarm System
1) 8 wireless zones and 8 wired zones
2) Auto-dial telephone alarm
3) Ademo Contact ID

Security Alarm System(LS-801-DTY)


Wireless and Wired Alarm system Features:

1. Wireless and Wired compatible: 8 wireless zones, 8 wired zones, Any zone can be arm/disarmed separately.

2. High speed digital communication, compatible with ADEMCO4+2,CID digital communication protocol; 

Send alarm signal to the alarm center.

3.  4 groups of phone number and one group of alarm centre phone number could be set. It could repeat dialing the preset numbers when the alarm activated. 

4.  5 ARM modes: Exit ARM, Boundary ARM, Single zone ARM, Delay ARM, Remote ARM.

5.  4 DISARM modes: Keypad disarm, Remote control disarm, Long distance Disarm, Disarm when connecting alarm.

6.  5 zone type: Instant zone, Delay zone, 24 hours zone, Boundary zone and By-pass zon

7.  Remote control function, with built-in MIC, Monitoring from long-distance.

8. Built-in voice module, 10~20seconds record, Voice alarm function.

9. Remote controller can be used to set ARM, DISARM, Emergency alarm and other operation

10.High security features: Password protection with 4 bits of users password, 6 bits of setting password, it could be modified by user.

11. Operate from keypad, led light indication, easily and convenient.

12. Wired zone can be opened or closed, easy to install

13. Anti-cutting telephone line.

14. Rechargeable battery built-in, can work for 24 hours in case of no electricity supply

15. Wireless intelligent learn, Learning code between accessories and control panel

16. Watch dog function, to avoid system down.




Wireless and Wired  Alarm system Specification:
1. Wireless frequency: Two option: 433MHz or 315MHz
2. An adaptor: Option: Input electricity from 110 ACV ~240 AC, customized. Adaptor choosing: Two round pins, two flat pins, three pins customized
3. Wireless receiving distance in open place: >250m, indoor: 30~50m, (depend on the surrounding environment and wireless interference)
4. Standby current: < 15mA
5. Alarm volume: Internal: 95dB, external siren: 110~120 dB
6. One control panel with one internal siren: Working voltage: +9 DCV, 200mA.
7. Two wireless remote controllers: Four button: Disarm/arm/panic/PIR detector
8. One wireless magnetic door sensor: 12 DCV


Standard Package:

1 main panel,

1 telephone line,

1 wireless infrared detector,

1 wireless door magnetic detector,

1 external siren,

2 remote controllers,

1 built-in backup battery,

1 power adaptor,

1 user manual.

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